Westin and Sheraton Hotels Reveil New Guestroom Designs

Starwood Hotel & Resorts recently announced new guestroom designs for their Westin & Sheraton Luxury Hotels. The Westin & Sheraton Hotels are Starwood’s two largest brands and the new room schemes were custom-created by Starwood in-house Brand Designer Erin Hoover, Vice President of Design. Everything from furniture to the textiles within the rooms has been custom designed.

The Westin rooms feature neutral color palettes, natural woods and stone. The Sheraton rooms are supposed to portray a sense of occasion and heritage by utilizing rich color palettes and pops of accent colors.

In addition to the design the rooms have several additional functional features allowing for space to be used more effectively. The Westin rooms will include a custom designed accent table that folds out to fit a room-service tray or laptop, and then folds back to occupy a small space. The closet now includes shelves and the mini bar to reduce clutter in the room. The Sheraton have bedside tables with built-in outlets that allow easy access for charging electronics.

The Sheraton rooms have an LED nightlight that allow guests to find their way around the hotel without having to turn on lights, and Westin rooms have adjustable LED reading lights in the headboard.

The Westin Phoenix will be the first hotel to unveil the new room designs. Which is scheduled to open in February 2011. The Westin Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego will complete a full renovation in early 2011 and also be a part of the new redesigned rooms. The two Sheraton hotels to feature the new room design are the Sheraton Red Deer in Alberta Canada and the Sheraton Syracuse, both which are scheduled to be complete with renovation in early 2011.