Unveiling Elegance: The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern – A Harmonious Blend of History and Luxury

A Tapestry of Time: Historical Roots and Modern Luxury Rich with rustic sophistication, Mattei’s Tavern stands as a living chronicle, with the Tavern Building dating back to 1886. The original cottages, meticulously restored to preserve their unique details, stand proudly alongside new buildings, creating a seamless blend of authenticity and[Read More…]

Welcome to the Canary – Santa Barbara’s Luxury Boutique Hotel

What do you love most about Santa Barbara? Perhaps the incredible coastal views or the Spanish Colonial and Mission Revival architecture. Alternatively, maybe you appreciate the distinctive neighborhoods of the city and the peaceful tranquility of its outlying regions. In either case, The Canary Hotel encapsulates everything Santa Barbara in[Read More…]