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Experience Whistler in the Summer Like You Never Have: Riding ATV’s

Whistler ATV
What do you do during the summer months when you live near a world-class skiing destination? If you are a savvy business owner, you figure out a way to take advantage of all the natural beauty of the surrounding area. That is just what has been done at Whistler ATV. The British Columbia company offers a variety of summer tours using ATVs to take guests up into the mountains.

The 2 – 3 hour ATV tours are a great way to explore the beauty of the mountain, and also experience the thrill that ATV’s have to offer. On a recent tour the guide did a nice job of balancing both safety and enjoying a exhilarating ride.

Whistler ATV offers four different tour options. The lower level rides can be enjoyed by novices and can accommodate two people per vehicle. The remaining two tours are for experienced riders operating ATVs as single riders. Here is a brief description of the four options:

  1. Easy Rider – A two-hour ride aimed at beginners and families. It covers a variety of trails and logging roads at a fairly slow pace. It offers the opportunity to take in some wonderful scenery and learn to operate an ATV at the same time.
  2. Bushwacker – The Bushwacker is available as either a two or a three-hour tour for tandem riders. It is intended for intermediate riders or those who at least have a basic understanding of ATVs. It follows the same trails and roads as the Easy Rider, though the speeds are higher and more ground is covered. Once again, the spectacular scenery will be all around you.
  3. Top of the World – A three-hour adventure with single riders only. This trip will take you up nearly 5,000 feet for some spectacular views. The trails and roads are equally challenging.
  4. Backcountry BBQ – Guests who would like to combine an advanced ride with great food can choose the Backcountry BBQ tour. The ride is similar to the Top of the World but with one major difference: guests return to the company’s private cabin in the Brandywine Valley for an exquisite BBQ lunch. A minimum of six individuals is necessary to book this tour.

If you want to experience Whistler in a new way like you never have before Whistler ATV offers a fun ride for all ATV experience levels. Be sure to book your reservations before the snow starts flying again.

Rides start at just over $100 per tour.

Visit the Whistler ATV website for more information: