Qantas’ New A380 First Class Luxury Cabin

Qantas Airlines has introduced a new first-class cabin on its A380 jet that looks like something out of a science fiction film. In fact, reviewers at TechEBlog had no trouble saying it reminded them of the USS Enterprise from the popular “Star Trek” series. One look and you’ll understand why.

Designed by Marc Newson, the exclusive cabin features leather seats, full-length beds, and a common social area, all enclosed in a very sleek and futuristic package worthy of any intergalactic ship. In addition, everything under passenger control is operated by LCD touch screens. Individual “suites” include futuristic sliding doors with dark window panels.

The cabin is a must-see for all Qantas travellers, but you’ll have to book a first-class flight from Sydney to Los Angeles or London to do so. With any luck Qantas may more of the new cabins in the future.

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