Travel To The Four Corners Of The World In Four Seasons New Luxury Custom Jet

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Announce New Customized Private Jet – Image Credit: Four Seasons

In 2015 Four Seasons Hotels & Resort unveiled their luxury air travel fleet geared for the top of the line over the top group excursions. The program was well received by the public and their regular clientele. It allows luxury travelers the unique experience of embarking on exciting adventures all over the world. The flight plan is set by the hotel brand along with complementary activities at each stop along the way. For a set price per person, you and your guest will travel in style for three weeks. That’s right, three full weeks of a private jet shuttling you to exotic locations for new adventures.

So What’s New?

Seeing as how the initial program was enjoyed so much success, Four seasons has decided to upgrade their offerings. The 5-star service found in every location is now taking flight in the form of Four Seasons Customized Private Jet.

There will be more space on the new private jet, and service will be focused on the customer experience more than glamorous air travel. The current seating allows for up to 52 passengers but the upgraded jet will reduce that number to 48. While that may seem like a downgrade, Four Seasons has opted to reduce the number of seats to improve client comfort. The modern layout will feature a more interactive design that allows for more in-flight entertainment and comfort. There will be a stage for live entertainment and workshops as well as a lounge area where guest are encouraged to mingle.

In addition to the luxury furnishings that you have come to expect from Four Seasons, the bathrooms have received a notable upgrade as have the actual seating arrangements. Each seat, custom made by Optimares, offers a generously sized personal ottoman that converts to a regular seat to encourage face to face interaction among the guests.

The cuisine has always been of the most celebrated aspects of the Four Seasons’s experience. Taking your experience airborne not only enhances the dishes but also adds an element of surprise. An executive chef accompanies each flight to provide fresh unique dishes for every meal. Along with the traditional menu, there will be destination inspired meals as you near every location on your itinerary.

When Can I Book A Flight?

Although there are many new and exciting changes planned for the Four Seasons custom jet, all of the amenities you have come to love will still be available. The new addition to the fleet will be available for booking in the summer of 2019 for flights that will start in 2021. Seats are expected to cost around $150,000 per person and have a tendency to sell out quickly. Flights are all inclusive so book yours today if you are interested in a true one of a kind luxury experience.

For more information about Four Season Private Jet Experience visit their website.