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Sunpocket Sunglasses – The Perfect Travel Accessory

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When packing to go on vacation, suitcase space is at a premium. Everyone wants to take favorite outfits with them, and there are the other vacation essentials such as sandals, sunscreen, books to read by the pool, cosmetics or toiletries. Airlines are getting ever more restrictive about baggage allowances, and many are also limiting the amount of cabin baggage travelers take on board the aircraft with them. By packing sensibly and making clever choices of accessories, you can easily free up space in your baggage and make your journeys smoother and less stressful.

Sunpocket sunglasses have one major benefit over competing brands. All of the different models which are produced by the company fold in half down the middle, making them much easier to slip into a pocket or small pocket on a bag than traditional rigid designs of glasses. The special case which is provided with the glasses protects them when traveling, and means that they can stand up to being crammed in a suitcase or put into the corner of a small cabin bag.

The glasses made by Sunpocket have been around since the 1970s and since their invention the range has been gradually expanded and refined. The glasses are produced in the tropical island of Mauritius where the local workforce knows plenty about protecting their eyes from the glare of the midday sun. The glasses are now available in a huge range of colors and styles and are produced in styles which suit both men and women. Although primarily intended as the ideal accessory for a beach vacation or when visiting a hot destination, they are equally suitable for using when doing skiing or other winter sports when glare from the snow can be an issue.

Many sunglasses on the market can be very expensive, especially at the designer end of the market, with the priciest glasses costing many hundreds of dollars. These sorts of glasses do not protect your eyes any better than cheaper models and the extra expense is mainly just for the brand name. Very cheap glasses do not protect your eyes though, so buying a mid-market product is the most sensible choice. As Sunpocket products average just $65 a pair, they are extremely good value for money and for the same price as a designer pair, you could buy three pairs to go with every outfit.

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