Four Seasons Introduces New Customized Bed Options

Four Seasons New Beds
Hotel operators go to great lengths to make sure their guests are as comfortable as possible. Yet nowhere does comfort count more than the bed. That’s why Four Seasons is proud to announce the introduction of their new customized bed system in conjunction with Simmons Bedding Company. The new system gives guests three choices of firmness by way of new mattress toppers that can be easily changed out for each guest visit.

The three mattress toppers are as follows:

  • Signature – The Signature mattress topper is the default for all beds now part of the upgrade. It combines optimal firmness and the comfort Four Seasons is known for.
  • Signature Plush – The Signature Plush mattress topper is designed for those looking for something a little bit softer.
  • Signature Firm – Guests who prefer more firmness and maximum support will likely choose the Signature Firm topper.

The new beds go beyond just mattress toppers; these also include mattresses with the latest technology. Four Season mattresses include a heat absorbent gel and foam core for temperature regulation as well as pocketed innerspring coils to provide maximum support while keeping the coils separated.

The new beds are currently available at select Four Seasons hotels in the United States. The company plans to gradually roll these out to all locations over the next few years. Consumers interested in the availability of the new beds for a future visit can contact any Four Seasons hotel directly.