Global Explorer Shares Tastes Of Luxury From Around The World

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The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts by Starwood is introducing The Cocktail Collection with professional mixologist Greg Seider. After creating

some of the world's finest and most ingenious cocktails for more than a decade, Greg Seider has overseen beverage programs for dozens of high class culinary institutions around the world. Now, this newly dubbed Global Explorer is introducing his excellent mixtures at The Luxury Collection. This celebrated program features the vibrant wealth of the world's most enriching destinations of travel through the experience of the most innovative and creative minds.

Displaying a fantastic journey of

the senses, Seider's creations take you along a path of luxurious ta

stes around the world. The Hawaian inspired 'Pinakona Coco', the Peruvian ‚'The Raymi', the Chinese ‚ 'Mandarin Sidecar', and the Grecian ‚'Tears of Chios'‚ implement the most exact principles of mixing excellence in order to transport you around the world through a fascinating series of rich cultural taste experiences.

At the The Luxury Collection's more than 75 properties located among at least 30 countries, Greg Seider joins award-winning photographer Andrea Fazzari as the second Global Explorer. This program was started to celebrate and represent a large cross-section of the world's foremost innovators who strive to express their unique gifts and passions through art and other personal endeavors.

The Cocktail Collection's collection of 38 inspired flavors from around the globe are destined to take you on an immersive culinary ride as each sip evokes a distinct sense of personality and place among The Luxury Collection destinations located around the world.