Edition Hotels Are The Lifestyle Brand Setting the New Standard

Marriott has joined with the visionary hotel operator Ian Schrager in order to develop a new lifestyle hotel brand that is called Edition Hotels. In what the hotel world has

proclaimed a very unlikely partnership, Schrager tackles the creative aspects while Marriott takes care of the business. Schrager brings to Edition his passion, original vision, and undying commitment to quality in order to create something sigificant and special with Marriot. They want the real thing and this is the main idea behind Edition's unique approach.

Edition will address new cultural and social imperatives that have emerged from changing lifestyles and will

cater to a vast underserved market that expects unique experiences, not simply a room to sleep. With the goal to reflect these changing lifestyles while catering cater to a vast undervalued market, they will not accept something based on other works and prefer the atm

osphere of a hotel to be genuine and have plenty of character while providing impeccable personalized service that is both luxurious and down to earth.

With hotels already in Waikiki and Istanbul, this new chain is off to a grand start. Waikiki Edition sits upon its own private oasis within close walking distance to Waikiki's popular surf beach, marina and shopping area. The Istanbul Edition is a 78-room hotel located in the heart of the historic city and includes a large suite overlooking the metropolis. The hotel is easily accessible whether for business or just for enjoying Istanbul's varied attractions.

Edition aims to be an original and will offer a lifestyle experience that has never been seen in the hotel industry. As the first truly global lifestyle hotel, Edition will more than likely set the standard for years to come. With the resources, imagination, and hotel management they have accessible, something truly remarkable is inevitably about to come to fruition. canadian celebrex no prescription