JumpSeat Brings Down Costs of Private Jet Travel With New Sharing Platform

Jump Seat private Jets

With the current economic climate remaining fragile, even those who are not usually cautious with expenditure are now trying to keep costs down. With the onset of the ‘Sharing Economy’ moving on from rental properties and car services, a new application has been launched to bring together those who wish to share space on private aircraft.

JumpSeat is an appealing app designed to connect people wishing to share space on private aircraft with those looking to fly, and subsequently creating considerable financial savings for both parties. By acting as an agent on behalf of charter clients, JumpSeat arranges flights through a novel jet-sharing program, offsetting costs whilst maintaining a first-class service.

Screening Process

To ensure comfortable flight sharing, JumpSeat has initiated a screening process involving interviews with a Customer Service specialist to ensure that both parties’ aims and objectives are matched. Along with full background checks and clearances, the right people can be matched to ensure private flying is mutually comfortable.

Booking Online

Flights can be booked online through a simple process. Registered members can book a JumpSeat without paying a membership fee and there is the opportunity for other ‘JumpSeaters’ to bid on available seats. Finding a good deal can be an easy and exhilarating process, especially with a referral scheme offering rewards for new and existing members.

JumpSeat can also provide an exclusive concierge service with on-board catering, rental cars, and a limo service, making the entire travel experience both appealing and hassle free. Visit for more information.