Emirates Announces Wide Television Screens Onboard

Dubai’s national airline, Emirates, recently announced a brand-new addition to all of their new aircrafts designed to make the passenger experience more enjoyable. The addition comes by way of wide screen TVs mounted in the seat backs of future economy class seats. The high definition displays, which represent another industry first for Emirates, will be 12.1 inches.

The screens are also being installed on current aircraft in premium seats. As for business and first class seats, they’ll be getting larger 27-inch wide screen TVs. Regardless of the screen size, passengers will have access to thousands of music titles, television programs, and more than 300 films. The screens are being provided in conjunction with Emirates deals with Panasonic and Quiksilver.

Perhaps the most important part of the technological upgrade lies in the fact that the screens are

based on a tablet model, allowing passengers to navigate the many offerings in the same way they would an iPad or Android tablet device. It’s just the latest in a series of technological firsts that have earned Emirates industry accolades from sources like Skytrax. Emirates have been on the top of the Skytrax ratings for each of the last seven years.

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