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New Bose Headphones: Perfect for Traveling

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Regular users of Bose headphones know that they are an excellent choice for travel. So it should be no surprise that the company's two newest models, the OE2 and OE2i, live up to the same Bose standards we've come to know and love. According to an official announcement, they are even better than their predecessors.

The OE2i feature an in-line switch that allows interaction with connected devices so that users can bot How to win back your ex

h listen to music and speak on the go. With your smart phone that means you'll be able to take calls and listen to music without having to switch your earphones. You'll be able to make use of voice applications, adjust your volume, scroll through tracks,

and a whole lot more.

As for the OE2 headphones, they don't come with the same voice features, but they reproduce music just as accurately and crisply as the OE2i. Bose accomplishes this with their proprietary TriPortĀ® acoustic technology. This technology reproduces sound that is more natural and more balanced with rich clarity at all frequencies – lows,


and highs – so you get perfect sound reproduction by matter what type of music you listen to.

Both models are now offered in both white as well as the traditional Bose black.

The OE2i retail for $149 & the OE2i retail for $179.