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Exclusive Interview With Timbers Resorts CEO David Burden

Timbers Resorts, the developer and operator of boutique, private resorts and residence clubs have been impressing guests with breathtaking properties since 1999. The Timbers Resorts have 9 popular luxury destinations across the globe (see destinations).

We recently caught up with CEO of Timbers Resorts, David Burden. In our interview, we asked what the vision of Timbers Resorts was when it launched, as well as what the future vision of the company is. Enjoy!

LUXGetaway: What other destinations are on your radar?
David: We continue to keep our options open for other partially developed or completed opportunities in what we think are enduring established destinations, buy accutane uk but that need a re-positioning, capital, etc. Additionally we are working on a site along the Mexican Punta de Mita coast. We are hoping to find a property in New York, Hawaii, another in the Napa/Sonoma area, south of France, London, Paris …

LUX: In 1999 when Timbers Resorts opened the first resort how many resorts were envisioned? 1?10? 20? 100?

LUX: What is your favorite resort personally and why?
David: My home, since it seems that I’m always trying to get back there. I like each of our destinations in particular for different reasons and each from my own perspective, which is different than someone else. Overall there is not a location within the Timbers’ portfolio that has not personally appealed to me as a great place to be. I couldn’t imagine developing or operating in a place that I didn’t really like personally. I could live at any of them and consider it a dream come true.

LUX: Is there one thing that differentiates you from your competitors?
David: The assembled team that is passionate, intelligent and focused on the objectives.

LUX: Your product is NOT a timeshare, but we’re curious how the old perception of what a timeshare is has affected your business?
David: Not sure – I haven’t paused to worry about it so we just keep going forward and try to not be defensive if it comes up.

LUX: Timbers Resorts properties are such hidden treasures, how do your customers find out about Timbers Resorts?
David: We have a great marketing team and our PR partner, Murphy O’Brien. We always think that we can communicate better and better, but actually it seems to be very good these days with an excellent database of folks that have expressed interest in Timbers Resorts over the years and seem to follow what we are doing. Referrals from existing owners are active while we have expanded for sure.

LUX: What other luxury travel brands do you look up to?
David: American Express, Sentient, Avantair, Butterfield and Robinson, Abercrombie and Kent, Singapore Air, Virgin and more I’m sure.

LUX: How has the luxury travel market changed in the last 10 years?
David: Ease of researching and booking. Everything is at your fingertips.

LUX: Castello di Casole is an exciting property garnering a lot of buzz and excitement. What makes Castello di Casole so unique?
David: First and foremost it is in Tuscany and embodies most of what we dream about Tuscany… It is truly authentic and provides its fortunate owners and guests a means to experience the true Tuscan lifestyle while having all of the comforts of Timbers’ attention and service.

LUX: Can you elaborate on the recent sales success at Castello di Casole?
David: Every sale is flattering that folks get what we are doing or better yet we get what they seek. The sales have been great at Castello di Casole as we tap a broad almost worldwide market. One day a new owner from Ohio, another day a couple from the U.K., then one from Singapore or the Netherlands or California, etc.

LUX: We hear you are considering New York City as one of your next destinations. Can you tell us about this project? Will it be in “ The Sebastian” family? New York City seems different than the resort towns that you have chosen to partner with on the current Timbers Resorts projects?
David: So far I can only hope and pursue the options there – – and yes hopefully a Sebastian, but could be with another brand – we’re open to partnerships with those that do certain aspects better than we do so far or are in a unique situation.

For more information on Timbers Resorts, visit their website, www.timbersresorts.com. For news on Timbers Resort, visit their newly released blog, www.timbersresorts.com/blog/.