Hilton Hotels & Resorts Greets Visitors with New Lobby Design

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The Hilton McLea

n in Tysons Corner, Virginia recently became a showcase for Hilton

Hotels & Resorts and their new lobby design project. The hotel’s $40 million facelift includes a contemporary new lobby featuring food and beverage options, an adaptable “community” environment, and accessible technology.

If the design proves successful it may become the new standard for the Hilton brand.

Upon entering the hotel visitors are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that resembles the average American living room. The environment is intended to encourage the gathering of guests for social interaction, a shared work environment, and plenty of collaboration.

The lobby includes a dedicated technology lounge which integrates the standard business centre idea with personal, social networking. The entire package is made complete by a progressive bar open 18 hours a day with an evolving menu of beverages and “to-go” items.

The project’s designers even went so far as to include the social networking aspect into the front desk. Gone is the standard elongated counter space, replaced by several pod style check-in desks that promote interaction between guests and staff.

The concepts incorporated into the new lobby design are meant to be modular – the plan being that individual owners and managers will be able to pick and choose between the different elements that work for them. If all goes as planned we should see most Hilton properties begin transitioning very soon.

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