MODO Launches Music Lifestyle Hotel Accommodations

The launch of MODO will introduce a new concept of

lifestyle hotel with its music-oriented design and guest services. With abundant and inexpensive features, MODO gives luxury accommodations an entirely new angle. The brand’s Bauhaus loft space layout involves a stunning concrete-and-glass structure with uncovered supports and finished cement wall surfaces. Within the walls of the revolutionary design, the actual attraction will be the RPM restaurant-lounge, a rising area with 14-foot ceilings, customized fixtures and natural light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Situated close to the primary entry, RPM will be simple to identify with areas which include step-downs, or lowered floor surfaces, lengthy cozy sofas and an impressive and progressive lighting style.

MODO is a brand

new global lifestyle hotel that’s fashionable, inexpensive and musically influenced. The brand incorporates a impressive elegant loft layout. Full-service MODO hotels will each contain one hundred and more visitor lofts, a cafe restaurant, bar and lounge, courtyard with swimming pool, conference area, business facility, library, gift shop and high-tech fitness center. Within the high-energy diner, the MODO Music Center will be at the center. Visitors will listen to tunes and make their very own playlists from the huge and meticulously culled music collection which showcases independent musicians from around the world. MODO will debut in India and Brazil with foreseeable future growth prepared for urban centers within the U.S. and in other places around the world.

MODO will welcome business and leisure travelers in primary metropolitan areas throughout the world and will incorporate recently built and modified properties. The comfortable full-service hotels will offer rates in line with local markets with a target range of $90 – $150 USD per night with some variable differences for a few main gateway metropolitan areas. This distinctive line of

stylish lifestyle hotels will launch within international markets and is expected to help lead a new market of budget lifestyle hotels.

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